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Who is Tia Kemp?

Tia Kemp is a well-known American socialite and prosperous businesswoman who rose to prominence as a result of her previous relationship with well-known artist Rick Ross. Because they have a teenage son called William Roberts III, their connection gained widespread attention. Her relationship with the rapper has surely grown stronger as a result of this bond over time. But it’s clear that they haven’t had the same level of success and stability in their relationship as they once did.

Tia Kemp’s Biography

Tia, born in 1987 in the United States, has been quite private about her family background. She simply mentions her parents as Mr. and Mrs. Kemp. Despite their anonymity in the media, Tia cherishes the upbringing they provided her.She discovered her love for the visual arts and creative writing while growing up in the sunny state of Florida, and this finally helped her graduate from Eckerd College.

Later on, she decided to further her education and pursue a master’s degree in student development at Seattle University. Throughout her journey, Tia’s focus on her studies and her passion for creativity have been constants, shaping her into the person she is today.

Tia Kemp’s Wiki

NameTia Kemp
Age37 years old
Birth Date1987
Birth PlaceUnited States
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameRick Ross (Ex)
Father’s NameMr. Kemp
Mother’s NameMrs. Kemp
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight58 kg
Net Worth$400K

Tia Kemp’s Education

Tia Kemp’s scholastic process is really moving. Hailing from radiant Florida, she set out on her journey for information with a heart loaded with interest and a crave imagination. At Eckerd School, she dove profound into the universe of Visual Expressions and Exploratory writing, where she displayed her gifts as well as found her actual energy. In any case, Tia’s hunger for learning didn’t stop there. 

Driven by a craving to have an effect, she advanced toward Seattle College to seek after a graduate degree in understudy improvement. There, she submerged herself in the complexities of helping other people develop and flourish. Through commitment and difficult work, Tia has demonstrated that with energy and assurance, the sky is the limit. Her process fills in as an update that training isn’t just about procuring information yet additionally about finding oneself and having a significant effect on the world.

Tia Kemp’s Age

She is 36 years old. She was born in 1987, although her exact birth month and date are unknown.

Tia Kemp’s Height & Weight

Tia Kemp’s height is still estimated to be around 167 centimeters, or 5 feet 6 inches. She is approximately 58 kg (128 pounds).  Her eyes are a profound dark, matching her delicious dark hair.

Tia Kemp’s Early Life & Background

Tia Kemp was brought up in Miami, Florida. She comes from a common family and has still up in the air to become well known. Prior to getting hitched to Rick Ross, Tia Kemp functioned as a medical caretaker and was known for her mindful and empathetic nature. After the separation, she chose to zero in on building her own vocation and brand.

Tia Kemp’s Personal Life

Tia Kemp’s heartfelt contribution with the prestigious rapper Rick Ross brought about the introduction of their child, William Roberts III. Notwithstanding, their relationship has been loaded with public contentions throughout the long term, frequently prompting fights in court, including the issuance of orders to stop all activities. 

In a later turn of events, Tia Kemp snatched titles by blaming Rick Ross for being engaged with an extramarital undertaking with Keyshia Ka’Oir, the spouse of individual rapper Gucci Mane. This disclosure further powered the continuous show encompassing their previous relationship, adding one more layer of intricacy to their public story.

Tia Kemp’s Feud With Rick Ross:

After their separation, Tia Kemp and Rick Ross had an extremely open and unpleasant fight. Tia Kemp blamed Rick Ross for disregarding his youngsters and not offering monetary help. She likewise guaranteed that Rick Ross was not a decent dad and was more centered around his profession than his loved ones. The quarrel worked out via web-based entertainment and in the sensationalist newspapers, with the two players broadcasting their complaints openly.

Tia Kemp’s Family


Tia Kemp and Rick Ross have two kids together, a child named William Roberts III and a little girl named Toie Roberts. Tia Kemp is a devoted mother and frequently shares photos of her youngsters via web-based entertainment. In spite of the difficulties of co-nurturing with Rick Ross, Tia Kemp has consistently put her kids first and has endeavored to give them a steady and cherishing climate.

Tia Kemp Smiles Amid Accusations Against Rick Ross

Regardless of the debate blended by her allegations against Rick Ross, charging an issue with Keyshia Ka’Oir, spouse of Gucci Mane, Tia Kemp seems, by all accounts, to be embracing existence with zeal. During an Instagram Live meeting, she strikingly professed to have seen Keyshia going out in a Rolls-Royce. Simultaneously, Rick Ross was detained, further filling the continuous quarrel. Nkechi Gift blissful after American Rapper, Rick Ross followed her on Instagram The allegation resonated across online entertainment, provoking Keyshia Ka’Oir to energetically invalidate the reports. 

Taking to her Instagram Story, she stubbornly denied any inclusion with Rick Ross, attesting her steadfast devotion to her better half. Regardless of the expected lawful consequences, including a new order to shut everything down, Tia Kemp appears to be resolute. In a new Instagram Live video, she is seen blissfully moving, apparently unaffected by the disturbance she has mixed in the existences of Rick Ross and Keyshia Ka’Oir. As the circumstance unfurls, general assessment stays partitioned on the legitimacy of Tia Kemp’s cases.

Tia Kemp’s Career

Tia Kemp, a compelling figure in American groups of friends and undertakings, has procured broad acknowledgment for her dynamic presence on different virtual entertainment stages. With a guarantee to cultivating certified associations, Kemp shares close parts of her life, welcoming her steadily growing crowd to draw in with her on an individual and engaging level. Her dynamic internet based persona has cemented her situation as a regarded powerhouse, respected for her credibility and congeniality. In the meantime, Rick Ross, Tia Kemp’s previous significant other, remains as a transcending figure in contemporary hip-jump music. 

Famous as an American rapper and insightful record chief, Ross has left a permanent engraving on the business with his unrivaled vocal ability and attractive stage presence. His melodious ability and talent for making clear stories have gathered him far reaching praise, procuring him a spot among the most venerated names in current music. With a vocation set apart by outline besting hits and persuasive coordinated efforts, Rick Ross keeps on enrapturing crowds around the world, establishing his inheritance as a genuine symbol of hip-bounce culture.

Tia Kemp’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Since her separation from Rick Ross, Tia Kemp has zeroed in on building her own image and business. She has sent off a fruitful line of excellence items and has turned into an online entertainment powerhouse. Tia Kemp is known for her glitzy style and has worked together with a few design and magnificence brands. She has additionally showed up in music recordings and has made visitor appearances on unscripted television shows.

Tia Kemp’s Net Worth

Tia Kemp, a virtual entertainment character, has an expected total assets of $400,000. In any case, her ex, Rick Ross, is a notable American rapper, musician, business person, record leader, maker, and Chief who brags a different portfolio achievement. With a total assets of roughly $40 million, Rick Ross is an exceptionally achieved figure in the music business and then some.

Tia Kemp’s Relationship

Tia Kemp met Rick Ross, William Leonard Roberts II, in 2003 at a club. They began dating and invited their child, William Roberts III, in September 2005. In any case, their relationship was not without its high points and low points. Tia blames Rick for being faithless to Visakhapatnam and disregarding their young men. In 2007, Tia sued Rick for youngster backing and authority of their child. Tia Kemp is by and by unmarried and zeroed in on bringing up her child, who is currently 18 years of age. She has not been in that frame of mind since she split from Rick Ross. She has likewise not affirmed assuming she has any extra youngsters aside from William Roberts III.

Tia Kemp’s Social Media Presence:

Tia Kemp is extremely dynamic via virtual entertainment, especially on Instagram. She has an enormous following and frequently posts pictures and recordings of herself, her youngsters, and her regular routine. Tia Kemp is known for being frank and not keeping down with regards to offering her viewpoints. She has gained notoriety for being proudly herself via online entertainment.


Tia Kemp, a well-known American socialite and entrepreneur, gained fame through her relationship with rapper Rick Ross, with whom she shares a son. Despite the public attention their relationship garnered, it faced challenges, leading to disputes and legal battles. Kemp’s background includes a focus on education, where she pursued both undergraduate and graduate degrees, shaping her into the person she is today. Her career post-relationship has seen her delve into entrepreneurship, particularly in beauty products and online entertainment, where she maintains a significant presence. Despite the controversies surrounding her personal life, Kemp remains active on social media, where she shares glimpses of her life and opinions with her large following.


  1. Tia Kemp was born in 1987 in the United States and grew up in Miami, Florida.
  2. She pursued her education at Eckerd College, focusing on Visual Arts and Creative Writing, before obtaining a master’s degree in Student Development from Seattle University.
  3. Kemp’s relationship with rapper Rick Ross resulted in the birth of their son, William Roberts III.
  4. Post-relationship, Kemp has focused on building her own career and brand, particularly in entrepreneurship and online entertainment.
  5. She is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares aspects of her life and interacts with her followers.


  1. Who is Tia Kemp?

Tia Kemp is an American socialite and entrepreneur who gained prominence through her past relationship with rapper Rick Ross.

  1. What is Tia Kemp’s background?

Kemp was born in 1987 in the United States and grew up in Miami, Florida. She pursued education in Visual Arts and Creative Writing at Eckerd College and later obtained a master’s degree in Student Development from Seattle University.

  1. What is Tia Kemp’s net worth?

Tia Kemp’s estimated net worth is $400,000, while her ex-partner Rick Ross boasts a net worth of approximately $40 million.

  1. What is Tia Kemp’s career focus post-relationship with Rick Ross?

Post-relationship, Tia Kemp has focused on building her own brand and business ventures, particularly in beauty products and online entertainment.

  1. How active is Tia Kemp on social media?

Tia Kemp is highly active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and interacts with her followers, often being candid and outspoken.

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