Who Is Simon Cavill? Biography, Wiki, Siblings, Career, Net Worth And More

Who Is Simon Cavill?

Simon Cavill earned respect as the sibling of the famous English entertainer, Henry Cavill. Brought into the world in the enchanting town of Holy person Helier, Jersey, Simon holds English identity and flaunts a blended legacy containing English, Irish, and Scottish roots. He shares a family bond with his folks, Marianne and Colin Cavill, and his kin, including Henry Cavill, Charlie Cavill, Docks Cavill, and Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill.

Simon’s unmistakable quality to a great extent comes from his familial association with Henry, quite possibly of the most noticeable figure in media outlets. In spite of his relationship with acclaim, insights about Simon’s own life, like his instructive foundation and exact date of birth, stay slippery. In any case, he keeps on exploring life past the spotlight, keeping a similarity to protection in the midst of his sibling’s fame.

Simon Cavill’s Wiki

NameSimon Cavill
Famous asHenry Cavill’s brother
AgeApprox. 44
Place Of BirthSaint Helier, Jersey
ParentsMarianne Dalgliesh, Colin Cavill
SiblingsNiki Cavill, Piers Cavill, Henry Cavill, Charlie Cavill
SpouseVictoria Pendlebury Cavill
ProfessionFinance Officer
EthnicityScottish, English, Irish
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Relationship StatusMarried
Net WorthNot Known

Simon Cavill’s Early Life & Family

Simon Cavill hails from a tight-knit Roman Catholic family, originally from Saint Helier, Jersey, nestled in the Channel Islands. Born to Marianne Dalgliesh and Colin Cavill, Simon’s roots are diverse, with his mother Marianne boasting a mix of Scottish, English, and Irish heritage. Marianne held down a job as a bank secretary, while Simon’s father, Colin, a native of Chester, England, carved out a career as a stockbroker.

Among his siblings, Simon counts four brothers: the famous Henry Cavill, along with Charlie, Piers, and Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, adding a lively bunch to the Cavill clan.

Simon chose the path of finance for his career, though specifics on his professional journey remain somewhat elusive. Outside of the boardroom, Simon is a devoted family man, having tied the knot with his beloved Victoria Pendlebury Cavill. Their love story continues to unfold, adding another chapter to the Cavill family legacy.

Simon Cavill’s Dating History

Simon Cavill is officially taken! He’s head over heels in love with Victoria Cavill, and they’re in a wonderful romantic relationship. Simon tied the knot with Victoria Pendlebury Cavill back on August 8, 2014, and they’ve been going strong ever since. As far as anyone knows, Simon’s heart has always belonged to Victoria, and there’s no record of any previous relationships or marriages for him.

Who Are Simon Cavill’s Parents?

Simon Cavill’s folks, Marianne Dalgliesh and Colin Cavill, bring a rich embroidery of foundations and encounters to their family story.

Marianne, hailing from the Forte, was submerged in an energetic mix of English and French societies from her childhood. Her profession way drove her into the universe of banking, where she emptied her devotion into her job as a secretary in a nearby bank.

Colin, then again, was a Chester chap with a head for numbers and a skill for finance. He tracked down his calling as a stockbroker, exploring the recurring patterns of the monetary market with expertise and assurance.

Their romantic tale started against the setting of the 1970s, a period of progress and plausibility. As the years progressed, they constructed a coexistence loaded up with shared dreams and common help. En route, they invited five vivacious children into their crease, Simon being one of them.

As guardians, Marianne and Colin have woven an embroidery of affection and direction, supporting their kids through each victory and challenge. Their house is a sanctuary of warmth and giggling, where valued recollections are made and treasured. Through everything, their bond stays unfaltering, a demonstration of the persevering through force of adoration and family.

Simon Cavill’s Childhood 

Marianne and Colin have poured their hearts into raising their children, especially Simon, with love, dedication, and a nurturing spirit. Their tight-knit family has had a profound impact on shaping their kids’ lives.

The bond between Simon and his four siblings is truly special. Henry, Simon’s brother, shared in a heartfelt chat that their close relationship is the bedrock of his successful career in action movies.

Growing up together was a blast for the Cavill siblings. They created countless memories and formed a bond that only grew stronger with time. Even now, they’re always there for each other, showing unwavering support and love.

No matter what life throws their way, they stick together like glue, offering endless encouragement and strength. Their sibling bond has been a cornerstone of their lives, guiding them through challenges and celebrating their triumphs.

Simon Cavill’s Siblings 

Simon Cavill grew up in a family of 7. He has four brothers: Piers, Niki, Henry, and Charlie.

Piers Cavill

Piers Cavill, the oldest among the Cavill brothers, has always been quite discreet when it comes to his personal life.There isn’t much out there about him, but it’s been said that he has a history as a former army officer. This hints at a possible stint in the military before he pursued other endeavors.

Niki Cavill

The Cavill family has serious areas of strength for an of military help, and Henry Cavill’s sibling, Lieutenant Colonel Niki Cavill, is a vital figure in this genealogy. Their dad, as well, served in the Naval force, solidifying the family’s association with the military.

Niki has manufactured his own way of courage and devotion in the military, quite serving in Afghanistan. His commitments have been critical, procuring him acknowledgment for his dauntlessness and responsibility. In 2012, Niki was presented with the Individual from the Most Fantastic Request of the English Realm (MBE) as a demonstration of his administration and penance.

Charlie Cavill

Simon Cavill’s younger sibling, Charlie Cavill, has made very much a name for himself in Hollywood. You could recollect him from his job as both a maker and entertainer in the 2017 flick “Stratton.”

Charlie has this irresistible love for narrating that truly radiates through in his work. He’s a seasoned veteran at taking those stories and making them pop on the cinema, which is likely why he’s been so effective in the business.

In any case, get this, Charlie’s not only a tired old act. No, he’s additionally fiddled with the universe of business venture. He’s the minds behind Quibble and Wicks, a flame organization that has been illuminating rooms left and right. Indeed you could say he’s pretty multi-gifted.

Simon Cavill’s Remarkable Brother: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill, a dearest entertainer hailing from the Unified Realm, has taken hearts all over the planet with his heavenly exhibitions. Brought into the world on May 5, 1983, in the Area of expertise of Jersey, Henry found his affection for acting from the beginning.

He shot to notoriety depicting Superman in the DC Broadened Universe films, prevailing upon crowds around the world. Henry’s noteworthy ability, combined with his striking appearance, has established his status as a main man in both film and TV.

His collection flaunts different jobs, from the verifiable show “The Tudors” to the activity stuffed “Mission: Unimaginable – Aftermath,” exhibiting his noteworthy reach as an entertainer. However, in addition to his on-screen ability’s acquired him approval; Henry’s certifiable appeal, agreeable nature, and obligation to remaining fit have charmed him to fans all over.

Past the fabulousness and excitement of Hollywood, Henry is profoundly dedicated to offering in return. He’s effectively engaged with worthy missions like the Durrell Natural life Protection Trust, utilizing his foundation to have a constructive outcome on the world.

With his attractive presence and steadfast devotion to his art, Henry Cavill stays a loved figure in media outlets, catching hearts on and off the screen.

Simon Cavill’s Career

Simon Cavill’s journey into his current role as a financial officer is shrouded in a bit of mystery regarding his early career endeavors.In any case, what we can be sure of is that he settled on a purposeful decision to manufacture his own way, unmistakable from his siblings’ interests in the military and media outlet. Not at all like his kin, Simon decided to avoid the spotlight, favoring a more confidential presence.

Diving into the world of finance, Simon discovered a profession that not only offered financial security but also promised a comfortable lifestyle. While his brothers may have found fame and adventure in their respective fields, Simon found fulfillment in the stability and potential for growth that his career provided.

Away from the spotlight, Simon’s focus lies on his family and personal life. It’s hoped that amidst the hustle of his career, he finds contentment and joy in the simple pleasures of life, cherishing moments with loved ones and relishing in the fulfillment his chosen path brings him.

Henry Cavill’s Net Worth 

Henry Cavill’s ability and constant exertion have moved him to an expected total assets of a stunning 40 million bucks. His unimaginable acting abilities and enrapturing presence have procured him rave surveys.

With a blend of outstanding performances and successful modeling gigs, Cavill has amassed wealth that truly mirrors his remarkable accomplishments. His financial triumph speaks volumes about his unwavering commitment and extraordinary talent in the entertainment industry.

Simon Cavill’s Net Worth

Simon Cavill might not be in the limelight like his brother, but his financial career likely brings in a solid income. While we don’t have exact numbers on his net worth, working as a finance officer usually means stability and decent pay. Even though he’s not a household name, Simon’s skills and commitment in finance probably ensure he’s living comfortably.

Simon Cavill’s Married Life 

Simon Cavill and Victoria Pendlebury Cavill secured the bunch on August 8, 2014, in a service loaded up with affection and bliss. That day denoted the beginning of their excursion as a wedded couple, overflowing with energy and expectation for the experiences ahead.

Their wedding was something beyond a festival; it was a demonstration of their profound bond and obligation to one another. From that second on, they set out on a common way, confronting life’s difficulties connected at the hip and esteeming each second together.

As the years passed, their adoration just developed further. Through ups and downs, they remained by one another, supporting and really focusing on each other with relentless dedication. Presently, following nine years of marriage, they actually think back on that extraordinary day with affection, thankful for the lovely excursion they’ve shared and the a lot more recollections on the way.


Simon Cavill, born in Saint Helier, Jersey, is known primarily for being the brother of the famous actor Henry Cavill. He has chosen a career in finance and leads a private life, maintaining a strong bond with his family, including his wife Victoria Pendlebury Cavill. Simon’s siblings, Piers, Niki, Henry, and Charlie, each have their own unique paths, with Niki serving in the military, Charlie pursuing a career in Hollywood, and Henry achieving fame as an actor. Despite his familial connection to fame, Simon values privacy and focuses on his personal and professional life away from public attention.

Facts about Simon Cavill:

  1. Family Connection: Simon Cavill is best known as the brother of the renowned English actor, Henry Cavill. He was born in Saint Helier, Jersey, and holds British nationality with a mixed heritage of Scottish, English, and Irish roots.
  2. Career: Simon chose a career in finance, working as a finance officer, although details about his professional journey remain somewhat private.
  3. Marriage: Simon Cavill married Victoria Pendlebury Cavill on August 8, 2014, and they have been happily married since then. Their relationship is a testament to their deep bond and commitment to each other.
  4. Siblings: Simon has four brothers: Piers, Niki, Henry, and Charlie. Each sibling has pursued different paths in life, with Niki having served in the military, Charlie making a name for himself in Hollywood, and Henry becoming a prominent actor.
  5. Personal Life: Simon prefers to keep a low profile despite his brother Henry’s fame, focusing on his career and family life away from the spotlight.

FAQ about Simon Cavill:

  1. What is Simon Cavill’s profession?

Simon Cavill works as a finance officer.

  1. When did Simon Cavill get married?

Simon Cavill married Victoria Pendlebury Cavill on August 8, 2014.

  1. How many siblings does Simon Cavill have?

Simon Cavill has four brothers: Piers, Niki, Henry, and Charlie.

  1. What is Simon Cavill’s nationality and ethnicity?

Simon Cavill holds British nationality with a mixed heritage of Scottish, English, and Irish roots.

  1. Does Simon Cavill have children?

The article does not mention whether Simon Cavill has children.

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