Shin Lim: The Spellbinding Journey of a Canadian-American Magician


Shin Lim is this amazing magician who’s a mix of Canadian and American vibes. You might’ve seen him blowing minds with his card tricks and shows that just leave you speechless. He was born Liang-Shun Lim on September 25, 1991, right in Vancouver, Canada. Can you believe he used to be all about the piano? Yeah, he was a pretty talented pianist until a wrist injury made him switch gears into the magical world of card tricks.

He started off just posting his magic tricks on YouTube, and people couldn’t get enough. Then, guess what? He went on to win “America’s Got Talent” not just once, but twice! Now, at 33, he’s sitting on a cool $7 million net worth and has fans all over the world cheering him on.

Shin Lim’s transition from card tricks to piano keys is akin to a scene from a movie. With his incredible abilities, he’s changing the definition of magic and we’re all enthralled. Shin Lim has a magical ability that will make you believe in the impossibly conceivable, whether he’s performing live or virtually.

Shin Lim:Net Worth

As of July 2024, Shin Lim has built a net worth of $7 million, largely thanks to his captivating tours and appearances on various shows.However, his YouTube channel has also been a significant source of income in addition to his live performances. He clearly has an enormous online following, with over 137 million views and 1.19 million subscribers.Shin Lim’s distinctive approach to card tricks sets him apart from other magicians. His mesmerizing close-up performances, set to music with him choosing to remain silent, have made him a standout figure in the realm of deception and sleight of hand. And while we’re on the topic of net worth, you might also want to look into Foolio’s financial status.

Who Is Shin Lim?

The well-known and talented magician Shin Lim hails from Canada but spent much of his childhood in Singapore. He’s confidential about his own subtleties; for example, his birthday and zodiac sign are still hush. There’s likewise some buzz about his nationality being blended, yet at the same nobody’s entirely certain.And as for his family and schooling? That’s a mystery we’re all still curious about!

Shin Lim:Biography

Shin Lim is a magician with a cool mix of Canadian and American vibes. You might have seen him doing some mind-blowing close-up card tricks or some sleight of hand that makes you question reality. But did you know he actually started out as a pianist? Yep, music was his thing until he had to have wrist surgery. That’s when he switched gears and dove headfirst into magic.

He kicked off his magic journey by posting videos of his tricks on YouTube. People loved them, and soon he got the chance to tour in Macau. That tour was a game-changer, giving him fans from all over the world and opening doors to big-name venues.

One of his big moments was when he went on the show ‘Fool Us’ with Penn and Teller. And guess what? He totally fooled them! That wasn’t just a win for the show; it was a stepping stone that turned him into a celebrity magician.

When Shin first started, he was all about the magic. He’d do his tricks and keep things pretty quiet. But after winning ‘America’s Got Talent,’ he stepped up his game. His acts got more dramatic and showy, drawing audiences in even more.

And get this: Shin’s got a special title that no one else can claim.He is the only individual to have won twice on “America’s Got Talent!” He’s a self-trained entertainer who says his stunts resemble the film ‘Origin’ — brimming with exciting bends in the road that keep you speculating. Cool, correct?

Shin Lim:Wiki

Full NameLiang-Shun Lim
Date of Birth25 September 1991
Age (as of 2023)32 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
Height (feet)5’6’’
Height (centimetres)170
Weight (pounds)167
Weight (kilograms)76
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCasey Thomas
High SchoolActon-Boxborough Regional High School
UniversityLee School of Music, Lee University, Tennessee
ProfessionClose-Up magician
Net Worth$5 million
Social MediaInstagram

Shin Lim:Age

Shin Lim, the magician who’s been leaving us all spellbound, was born on September 25, 1991. Yep, he’s 33 now! But here’s a fun twist: before he wowed us with card tricks and illusions, he was kicking and punching as a martial artist back in Vancouver. Pretty cool, right? You can see that discipline shine through in his magic performances.

As for where he hangs his hat these days, we’re still piecing that together. But considering he started out in Vancouver and has been dazzling audiences all over the U.S., he’s probably got a mix of Canadian and maybe American roots.

And talk about racking up the air miles! Shin Lim’s been jet-setting around the world with his shows.He has a way of keeping us riveted to our seats whether he’s using his skills to tell a story, putting on a musical performance, or simply blowing our minds with sleight of hand. That he has garnered so many accolades in the magic industry is understandable!

Shin Lim:Physical Appearance

The 29-year-old magician, right? He’s pretty easy on the eyes with his good looks.He immediately draws your notice with his striking light complexion and deep-black eyes.He weighs around 75 kg and isn’t extremely tall — he stands 1.67 meters tall. He estimates thirty creeps around the midsection, 36 crawls around the chest, and 35 crawls around the hips, in the event that you were pondering.

Shin Lim:Family & Personal Life

Lim and his wife Casey Thomas first crossed paths back in 2015 at ‘Studio City,’ a cool hotel and casino spot in Macau during Lim’s China tour. At that time, Casey was working as an assistant to another magician. The sparks flew when they both performed at the ‘House of Magic’ show there.

The two tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony at the ‘Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa’ on August 19, 2019. Fun fact? They’re both big ‘Star Wars’ buffs!Nowadays, they call Boston, Massachusetts home. Lim’s got dual citizenship—both Canadian and American, how cool is that?

On the philanthropic side, Lim’s heart is with ‘Charity Water,’ a fantastic organization that helps bring clean water to folks in Africa. He’s even been featured in one of their videos to show his support. Oh, and he’s got their special deck of cards that he sometimes uses in his magic tricks.He’s also a big fan of ‘Product Red,’ a charity fighting to end AIDS. So, he’s not just a wizard on stage; he’s got a heart of gold offstage too!

Shin Lim:Career

Back in 2012, Lim took a leap into the magical world by joining the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magicales. To his own surprise, he managed to grab the sixth spot in the competition. It was unexpected, but it lit a fire in him to dive even deeper into cardistry and magic.

As he honed his skills, he crossed paths with an agent who saw his potential and invited him for a tour in China. Lim’s life changed drastically in 2015 when he won the World Championship! In addition to giving him more self-assurance, this significant victory earned him an invitation to appear on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.  At this point, Lim was absolutely sure that magic was his true passion and he was all in.

However, just when things were looking up, a setback hit. Lim had to take a break from his budding career due to an injury.

Rise to Fame

The amazing magician Shin Lim, who is from both Canada and the United States, has made a name for himself with his mind-boggling card tricks.His shows have captured the hearts of many people and helped him maintain his financial stability; by 2024, his total assets should be around $7 million.When he won the impressive $1 million prize on the thirteenth season of America’s Got Talent, he got his big break.Since then, his unique charm and magic skills have not only earned him fans in person but also online. He’s got a massive following on YouTube, with over 137 million views and 1.19 million subscribers tuning in to watch his magic unfold.

Success on YouTube

Lim hit it big on YouTube, and it wasn’t just about gaining fans—it was a money-making machine for him too. On his channel, he has made almost $300,000 just from advertisements. In addition, his total net worth has increased significantly because to the additional money he received from his tours and guest appearances.

The Journey of a Magician

Shin Lim was born in Vancouver in 1991, but he found his home in Massachusetts after moving to the U.S. He kicked off his magical journey back in 2012 and has been wowing audiences ever since. One of his big moments came in 2015 when he took the top spot at the World Championship of Magic, really putting him on the map as an amazing magician.

A Triumphant Comeback

After facing a tough setback from an injury, Shin Lim didn’t let it hold him back. He bounced back stronger than ever.In addition to winning America’s Got Talent, he was awarded the winner of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.He is obviously a magician who is genuinely unique.

The Man Beyond Magic

Besides his amazing career achievements, Shin Lim cherishes the joy he finds in his marriage to Casey Thomas. With citizenship in both the United States and Canada, he’s not only broadening his magical horizons but also connecting with fans from diverse backgrounds.

A Prominent Figure in Magic

Shin Lim’s magic journey has really taken off! Because of his extraordinary skill and unwavering love for what he does, he is not only captivating audiences around the globe but also seeing a rise in his net worth. His astounding skills and illusions have spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the globe.  Obviously Shin Lim’s wizardry is digging in for the long haul, and we can hardly hold back to see what he’ll do straightaway!

Shin Lim:Relationship

Shin proposed to Casey Kathleen on a knee in 2017 and asked her to spend eternity with him. For more than a year, they had been deeply in love and savored each moment spent together. Their narrative of love was becoming more complex and nuanced every day, and they were both eager to take it official.

Their engagement was super low-key, just the way they liked it. They gathered their closest friends and family for a cozy celebration that felt just like them—intimate, heartfelt, and full of love.Since getting ready for marriage, Shin and Casey Kathleen have been building their coexistence each gorgeous second in turn. Love, respect, and having each other’s back are all in them. They are eager to pursue their shared dreams and objectives together.

They both have a lot of gratitude for their crew’s love and support during the journey. They consider finding one other to be like winning the lottery, and they are ecstatic about all the experiences that lie ahead.As the months roll by, their friends and fam can’t help but wonder when they’ll tie the knot. While there’s no date set yet, everyone’s got a feeling that wedding bells might be ringing soon.

But for now, Shin and Casey Kathleen are just enjoying being together, soaking up the love, and getting excited about all the awesome stuff still to come in their love story.

Shin Lim:Social Media

Shin Lim, the magician who wowed everyone on America’s Got Talent, is lighting up social media. On Instagram, he’s got a cool 767K followers. Here, he shares not just his mind-bending magic tricks but also fun behind-the-scenes stuff from his shows.

His Facebook page is buzzing too, with nearly 1.2 million fans! It’s a lively place where fans can chat, get updates on what Shin’s up to, and share their excitement.

And let’s not forget YouTube! Shin’s channel has a whopping 1.25 million subscribers. You’ll find everything there – from his jaw-dropping magic acts to tutorials that let you in on some of his secrets, and even cool collabs with other talented folks.

The magic happens on Shin Lim’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts—he hasn’t ventured into LinkedIn or Pinterest yet. His social media pages are a vast source of amazement and entertainment, regardless of your level of fandom or level of curiosity about magic!


Shin Lim, the mesmerizing magician of Canadian-American descent, has captivated audiences worldwide with his unparalleled card tricks and illusions. Born Liang-Shun Lim in Vancouver in 1991, Shin initially pursued a career in piano until a wrist injury redirected him towards magic. His journey began with YouTube videos and led to winning “America’s Got Talent” twice. As of July 2024, his net worth stands impressively at $7 million, driven by his captivating tours, TV appearances, and a massive online following. Shin Lim’s unique silent performances, combined with his sleight of hand, have set him apart in the magic world.


  1. Birth and Background: Shin Lim was born Liang-Shun Lim on September 25, 1991, in Vancouver, Canada.
  2. Career Transition: Initially trained as a pianist, a wrist injury led him to switch to magic.
  3. Major Achievements: He won “America’s Got Talent” twice and took the top spot at the World Championship of Magic in 2015.
  4. Net Worth: As of July 2024, Shin Lim’s net worth is $7 million.
  5. Family and Personal Life: He is married to Casey Thomas, and they reside in Boston, Massachusetts. He has dual citizenship – Canadian and American.
  6. Philanthropy: Shin supports charities like ‘Charity Water’ and ‘Product Red.’


  1. What is Shin Lim’s net worth?

As of July 2024, Shin Lim’s net worth is $7 million.

  1. How did Shin Lim start his career?

Shin Lim started his career by posting magic tricks on YouTube and gained recognition by winning “America’s Got Talent” twice.

  1. Where is Shin Lim from?

Shin Lim was born in Vancouver, Canada, but spent much of his childhood in Singapore.

  1. Is Shin Lim married?

Yes, Shin Lim is married to Casey Thomas. They tied the knot on August 19, 2019.

  1. Does Shin Lim have siblings?

Yes, Shin Lim has two siblings.

  1. What philanthropic causes does Shin Lim support?

Shin Lim supports ‘Charity Water,’ an organization that helps bring clean water to Africa, and ‘Product Red,’ a charity fighting to end AIDS.

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