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Rick Glassman, known for his roles as an entertainer and digital recording host, has become a significant figure for those with autism. In 2017, he received a formal diagnosis and bravely opened up about it during his live performances. He took a break to understand and process the impact of this revelation on his life. Eventually, Rick channeled this experience into his comedy and incorporated it into his podcast, “Take Your Shoes Off.”

The podcast’s name reflects Rick’s desire for control and order in a world that often feels chaotic, as mentioned on his YouTube channel. He also starred in Prime Video’s “From Our Perspective,” a fictional series centered around three roommates on the autism spectrum.

Although the show only lasted one season, it showcased Rick’s commitment to raising awareness about autism. Relationships can be a challenge for people with autism, so how does Rick navigate this aspect of his life? Let’s take a closer look at his dating life.

Rick Glassman’s Girlfriend

Rick Glassman spilled the beans on his podcast last April – he’s flying solo these days, no special someone in sight. But Rick’s no stranger to the dating scene; he’s had a couple of public romances, one of which was with a lovely British lady named Betty.

You might’ve caught Betty on Rick’s podcast, “Take Your Shoes Off.” She usually shies away from the spotlight, preferring to keep things private. Their love story kicked off in early 2020 when Rick slid into Betty’s Instagram DMs. At first, Betty wasn’t too keen on the idea – I mean, dating a comedian? She wasn’t thrilled about potentially being the butt of some onstage jokes.

But one night, hanging out with a friend who had her feeling all kinds of good vibes, Betty decided to give Rick a shot. His message was odd enough to get her attention, even with its abundance of purple umbrella emojis. They were FaceTiming, talking on the phone, and getting to know one another better before they ever realized it.

Early on, Betty learned about Rick’s autism diagnosis. Instead of being taken aback, she found his honesty refreshing. It helped them build trust and understanding from the get-go. And even though Rick can be a bit grumpy on the phone, they decided to roll with it and see where their relationship would take them.

Who Is Rick Glassman?

Amidst the tapestry of Americana’s theatrical realm, Rick Glassman emerges as a luminous actor of notable repute. His portfolio brims with multifaceted performances across a spectrum of acclaimed shows and cinematic masterpieces. Accolades have graced his journey, including the prestigious IFS Award in 2016 and the accolade of The Sixth Lead in 2015. Serendipity played its hand when he crossed paths with his romantic partner during the tapestry of podcasting endeavors. Dive deeper into the intricate tapestry of his life in the ensuing narrative.

Rick Glassman’s Biography

Rick Glassman might’ve caught him as Jack in the Amazon show “As We See It,” or maybe you saw him playing Edward on ABC’s “Not Dead Yet.”

He’s a real LA guy—stand-up comedian, actor, and writer all rolled into one. You might remember him from “Undateable,” that NBC sitcom by Bill Lawrence. And he did this cool thing where he played Harold Ramis in a National Lampoon movie called “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” which was directed by David Wain.

Oh, and he’s got this podcast called “Take Your Shoes Off.” He’s chatted with some big names like Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, and Marc Maron. It’s got this wild YouTube setup with live-action animation, and even The Economist gave it a shoutout for being super innovative.

In addition, he has been on several other programs, including “Adam Devine’s House Party,” “The Comedians” on FX, “Nobodies” on Paramount Network, and “@Midnight” on Comedy Central. Melissa McCarthy and Billy Crystal produced a couple of those, which is pretty cool.

Rick Glassman’s Wiki

Real NameRick Glassman
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Producer
Height172 cm (5’ 8”)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Date of Birth23 July 1984
Age38 Years
Birth PlaceOhio, United States
Zodiac sign/Sun signCancer
HometownOhio, United States
Educational QualificationGraduate
AddressOhio, United States
Hobbies/InterestsTraveling, Listening to Music
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather: Steve Glassman
Mother: Not Known
Net Worth$2 Million

Rick Glassman’s Education

Glassman received his high school diploma from Orange in 2002. He participated in basketball there and even faced off against the St. Vincent-St. Mary. He went to Kent State University after graduating from high school, where he earned a marketing degree in 2006. Furthermore, on the side, he took some theater classes.

He briefly considered going to law school after graduating from college, but instead he gave stand-up comedy a go. Since 2007, when he performed for the first time at the Cleveland Improv, he has been telling jokes.

Rick Glassman’s Age

Rick Glassman, who is 38 this year, was born on July 23, 1984. Most people who know him well, including his friends, family, and fans, refer to him as Ricky even though his birth name is Rick Glassman. Ohio is his birth and upbringing, and he takes great pride in being an American. If you’re wondering what sign he’s in, his zodiac sign is Virgo.Originating from Ohio, United States, he has held American citizenship since his inception into this world. For the astrologically inclined, Virgo governs his celestial alignment. In matters of faith, he adheres to Christianity, and ethnically, he aligns with the White lineage. A considerable portion of his formative years unfolded in Ohio, amidst familial bonds and cherished companions.

Rick Glassman’s Height & Weight

Rick Glassman is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and has this lean look to him, weighing in at around 56 kg. You can’t miss his deep black eyes; they’re really striking and kind of draw you in. Plus, his hair’s this jet-black shade that just naturally shines, giving his face this cool frame. All these little details add up, making him super easy to spot in a crowd.

Rick Glassman’s Personal Life

Alright, let’s chat about Rick Glassman’s love life! He’s been seeing Betty, this amazing girl, for a long time now. You can tell it’s serious since they’ve been rather open about their relationship and have even been seen out with each other’s families.

What’s cute is that Rick actually reached out to Betty through DMs. She’s not just any girl; she’s an actress and hosts a cool podcast called “Take Your Shoes Off.” And yeah, she’s got that charming British accent you can’t miss.

They’ve been together for over a year, have some mutual friends, and Rick even popped up as a guest on Betty’s podcast. If you’re curious to hear them chat, you can find her podcast on Spotify. We’ve added the link to her podcast in the social media section below, so give it a listen if you’re interested!

Rick Glassman’s Family

Parents And Siblings

When it comes to his parents, Steve Glassman is a name you’ll often hear. He’s quite the business mogul, having taken the helm as president of Marshall Rug Gallery since ’96. But before that, he had a stint running a local eatery back in their hometown called Flo and Eddie’s restaurant. As for his mom, he’s always been pretty tight-lipped about her, so not much is known.

Rick Glassman’s Career As An Actor

Amidst the tapestry of his career, Rick Glassman emerges as an extraordinarily adept and multifaceted American thespian. With a chameleon-like ability, he effortlessly embodies roles spanning from comedic to dramatic, garnering profound admiration from his aficionados. Notably, his crowning achievement was his portrayal of Burski in the 2014 cinematic gem “Undateable,” which graced the screens via the NBC network.

With the masterful “The Sixth Lead,” a concise but profound 30-minute exposition, Glassman entered the field of documentary filmmaking in 2015. In 2018, he delivered a standout performance in “A FVenting into 2015, Glassman ventured into the realm of documentary filmmaking with the masterful “The Sixth Lead,” a concise yet impactful 30-minute exposition. This further enhanced his artistic output. In 2018, he gave an outstanding performance in “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” which enriched his filmography further.

In the constellation of luminaries with whom Glassman has collaborated, one finds names like David Wain, Martin Mull, Domhnall Gleeson, Jon Klaft, among others. His insights and wit also found a platform in the esteemed podcast “Take Your Shoes Off,” where he was warmly welcomed as a guest speaker.

The Films And TV Shows That Make Me Cry

I totally get what you’re saying! That moment in Armageddon with William Fichtner and Liv Tyler always gets me too. When he says, “Ma’am. You mentioning consent to respectfully acknowledge the little girl of the most daring man I’ve ever met,” it’s just so touching. I’ve watched that scene more times than I can count, and it still brings tears to my eyes every time. I’ve even teared up explaining it to my friends a couple of times!

And I’m right there with you on the talent shows!American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, and Shark Tank are some of my guilty pleasures. It just makes you glad to see people’s aspirations come true on film. It seems like anytime I witness someone’s passion and labor of love come to fruition, I can’t help but be moved.

Rick Glassman’s Net Worth

Rick Glassman has a respectable net worth of $2 million. He is well-known in the entertainment industry for his comedy and acting skills. You might’ve caught him in some TV shows or comedy gigs, each adding a bit more to his growing fortune. His passion and knack for making people laugh have really paid off, both in terms of his career and his bank account.

Rick Glassman’s Relationship

At this point, Rick Glassman isn’t dating anybody. Before, Glassman dated renowned ladies like Delta Goodrem and Torrey Devitto. Notwithstanding, he appears to be more centered around his profession as a comic, entertainer, and webcast nowadays. Rick Glassman has had various connections before. 

He dated Torrey DeVitto from 2014 to 2016, and afterward he had a crush with Betty, who’s from England. Be that as it may, presently, in 2023, he’s not dating anybody. En route, individuals thought he was dating Australian artist Delta Goodrem, and he likewise had a good time with humorist Esther Povitsky on their digital broadcast. 

Yet, it appears as though Glassman is more centered around his profession and himself at the present moment, as he’s not wedded and doesn’t have children. Betty is Rick Glassman’s English sweetheart. They’ve been together for quite a while, albeit the specific beginning of their relationship isn’t known. 

While Rick likes to keep his own life hidden, Betty has shown up on his web recording, “Take Your Shoes Off.” Regardless of Betty’s inclination for security, her English intonation makes her conspicuous to Rick’s audience members. 

They frequently show warmth in broad daylight, clasping hands and sharing private minutes. Despite the fact that we have hardly any insight into Betty separated from her relationship with Rick, she appears to give pleasure and backing to his life as his accomplice.


Rick Glassman is a well-known actor, comedian, and podcast host who gained recognition for his openness about his autism diagnosis. He’s starred in various TV shows like “Undateable” and “As We See It,” and has a successful podcast called “Take Your Shoes Off.” In his personal life, Rick has been in relationships with notable women like Betty and Torrey DeVitto. Currently, he’s not dating anyone and seems focused on his career.


  1. Rick’s Autism Diagnosis: In 2017, Rick Glassman publicly disclosed his autism diagnosis during his live performances.
  2. Career Highlights: Glassman starred in shows like “Undateable” and “As We See It.” He has also been a guest on popular podcasts and has his own podcast called “Take Your Shoes Off.”
  3. Relationship with Betty: Rick Glassman dated Betty, an actress and podcast host, for over a year. Their relationship started when Rick slid into Betty’s Instagram DMs in early 2020.
  4. Other Relationships: Glassman was previously in a relationship with Torrey DeVitto from 2014 to 2016. There were also rumors linking him with Australian singer Delta Goodrem and comedian Esther Povitsky.
  5. Education: Glassman graduated with a marketing degree from Kent State University in 2006 and briefly considered attending law school before pursuing stand-up comedy.


  1. Who is Rick Glassman’s current girlfriend?

Rick Glassman’s current girlfriend is Betty, an actress and podcast host.

  1. How did Rick Glassman and Betty meet?

Rick Glassman and Betty met when Rick messaged her on Instagram in early 2020.

  1. Has Rick Glassman been open about his autism diagnosis?

Yes, Rick Glassman publicly disclosed his autism diagnosis in 2017 during his live performances.

  1. What TV shows has Rick Glassman appeared in?

Rick Glassman has appeared in TV shows like “Undateable,” “As We See It,” and “Not Dead Yet.”

  1. What is the name of Rick Glassman’s podcast?

Rick Glassman’s podcast is called “Take Your Shoes Off.

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