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Who is Lily Aerin Savage?

Lily Aerin Savage is the daughter of the actor and director Fred Savage and his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone. Jennifer’s dad is actually quite the star himself in the acting world. Remember the 80s and 90s? That’s when Fred and his brother Ben were TV royalty. “The Wonder Years” featured Fred as Kevin Arnold, and he was fantastic in the lead role. In addition to winning several accolades, including the Young Artist Award and People’s Choice Award, he was adored in that part.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Biography

Lily Aerin Savage came into the world on a sunny May 3rd, 2008, right here in the good ol’ USA. Talk about good genes – her dad is the actor we all know and love, Fred Savage, and her mom is Jennifer Lynn Stone. She’s not an only child, though; she’s got her hands full with her two brothers, Auggie and Oliver Savage.

Fast forward to 2022, and Lily’s 14, proudly sporting her Taurus zodiac sign. With a dad who can act and a mom who’s as graceful as they come, Lily’s definitely got something special going on.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Wiki

Full NameLily Aerin Savage
Famous asDaughter of Fred Savage
Age14 years old as of 2022
Date of Birth3 May 2008
Place of BirthUnited States of America
SiblingsAuggie Savage, Oliver Savage
ParentsFred Savage, Jennifer Lynn Stone

Lily Aerin Savage’s Education

In 2022, Lily Aerin Savage is in the exciting phase of exploring and growing, soaking up new experiences and honing her skills. Her home is a hub of creativity and talent, providing her with endless opportunities to delve into various interests. While the specifics of Lily’s educational journey remain private, her parents stand firmly by her side, cheering her on every step of the way. They form a supportive foundation, always ready to assist and guide her whenever she needs. With such a strong support system, Lily is poised to embrace her education fully and pave the way for her bright future, whatever that may be.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Age

Lily Aerin Savage was brought into the world to the popular entertainer Fred Savage and his mate, Jennifer Lynn Stone, on May 3, 2008, here in the USA. In 2022, she’s turned 14. Yet, Lily’s not flying independently in her family; she has two kin offering the excursion to her, Auggie and Oliver Savage. She’s a Taurus, consistent with her introduction to the world month and sign.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Height

Fred Savage stands at a confident five feet ten inches, which is about 178 cm. While his height might catch your eye, it’s really his captivating personality that steals the show, whether he’s on screen or chatting with fans. Yet, his charm isn’t his only asset. Fred shines brightly in the entertainment world thanks to his exceptional skills both behind and in front of the camera. His knack for directing and acting has truly set him apart and led to his success in showbiz.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Lifestyle 

In the bustling chaos of a lively family, Lily always finds solace in the close-knit bond she shares with her loved ones. Despite the allure and glamour of Los Angeles, her parents, Fred and Sarah, strive to keep their family connected to the heart and soul of Chicago. For Lily, it’s the simple moments – family dinners, laughter-filled evenings, and heartfelt conversations – that define her childhood, blending warmth, love, and a strong connection to her roots.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Parents met

Fred Savage and Jennifer Lynn have such a sweet love story that really shows how life can bring you back to where you started. Can you believe they were actually childhood buddies in Chicago? Growing up, they were just kids hanging out in the same neighborhood. It’s hard to know if there were any butterflies back then, but their friendship was definitely the real deal.

Life took a turn when Fred’s acting career took off, and his family moved to Los Angeles. Sadly, they lost touch for a while. But fate had a surprise in store for them! At Fred’s 22nd birthday bash, guess who showed up? Jennifer, his old friend and neighbor from Chicago. They caught up, shared some laughs, and, well, let’s just say sparks flew!

Fred once shared with People magazine, “We started chatting, and one thing led to another… and here we are, still together.” At that time, Fred was busy with his TV gigs, and Jennifer was rocking it in commercial real estate. But love found its way, and they decided to say “I do” in 2004.

Now, they’ve got a lovely family with three kiddos, all thanks to a friendship that started way back in their Chicago days. It’s just goes to show that true love can r

Lily Aerin Savage’s Siblings

Even though Fred and Jennifer have strong ties to L.A., they’re determined to pass on the vibrant spirit of Chicago to their kids – Auggie Savage, Oliver Savage, and Lily Aerin.

“Even though we’ve made our home in L.A. for quite some time, we really want our children to feel that Chicago pride,” Fred shared with The Chicago-Sun Times. “We make sure to keep that Chicago spirit alive in our household. I’ll never forget how intense it was watching the Cubs’ World Series win last year! We were glued to the games even while we were filming Friends From College.”

Oliver Savage

Oliver is Fred and Jennifer Savage’s eldest son, born in sunny Los Angeles on August 5th, 2006. Now at 16, he’s growing up fast!

Auggie Savage

Auggie is the middle child and the second son in Fred Savage’s family. He came into the world on November 26, 2012, making him 9 years old now.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Career

Lily Aerin Savage isn’t simply a financial specialist; she’s a pioneer who’s made a permanent imprint on the business scene with her mix of development, style, and warmth. She’s the sort of individual who sees open doors where others see difficulties and won’t hesitate to push limits. In the tech world, Lily’s been at the front line of making state of the art arrangements that tackle genuine issues and hoist client encounters. 

Lily Aerin Savage’s new way to deal with innovation has procured her worldwide recognition as a trailblazer, with her organizations driving the charge in regions like man-made reasoning, network protection, and computerized change. With regards to design, Lily has an eye for what individuals need before they even realize they need it. 

She’s sent off effective style marks that resound with crowds around the world, on account of her remarkable plans and obligation to maintainability. She’s not simply starting precedents; she’s increasing present expectations for greatness in the design business. However, that is not all — Lily’s likewise causing disturbances in the neighborliness area. Her foundations are known for their uncommon help, sumptuous conveniences, and vivid conditions. 

Whether it’s shop lodgings or upscale eateries, Lily’s made objections that have an enduring impact on visitors and set new norms for greatness in neighborliness. All things considered, Lily Aerin Savage’s pioneering soul, imaginative mentality, and commitment to greatness have established her as a forerunner in the business world. Her commitments range across various businesses, leaving an inheritance that will rouse others into the indefinite future.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Net Worth

In January 2022, there’s no public info floating around about how much Lily Aerin Savage is worth. She’s pretty private and hasn’t dipped her toes into the public eye with any big projects yet. Plus, she’s still pretty young, so her money matters are likely under wraps. As she gets older and maybe steps into the spotlight more, we might hear more about her net worth down the line.

Lily Aerin Savage’s Relationship

Jennifer Lynn Stone and Fred Savage go way back – they were childhood buddies from a small town near Chicago. But as they grew up, Fred headed out to LA to chase his acting dreams.

Fast forward a bit, and Fred becomes this big Hollywood star, known for playing Kevin Arnold on “The Golden Years.” Life has its twists, and they run into each other again at Fred’s 22nd birthday party. Sparks fly, and they start dating again.

Then came this romantic trip to Italy in 2003. Fred surprises Jennifer with this gorgeous 5-carat sapphire ring, surrounded by tiny diamonds. And get this, it’s engraved with “I must have done something right” – a line from her favorite song in “The Sound of Music.” Of course, she says yes!

The next year, they decided to tie the knot. They have a beautiful Jewish wedding at L’Orangerie restaurant in LA. Jennifer looks absolutely stunning in a strapless ivory dress by Monique Lhuillier. And her jewelry? Talk about glam! She’s got diamond earrings, a sparkly bracelet, and this amazing Edwardian-style necklace from Neil Lane.


Lily Aerin Savage is the daughter of actor and director Fred Savage and Jennifer Lynn Stone. Born on May 3, 2008, in the USA, she has two brothers, Auggie and Oliver Savage. As of 2022, Lily is 14 years old. Her parents, Fred and Jennifer, have strong ties to Chicago despite living in Los Angeles, ensuring their children, including Lily, grow up with a connection to their Chicago roots.

Lily’s educational journey is private, but she benefits from a supportive family environment that encourages her interests and growth. The Savage family values simple moments and family bonding amidst their busy lives.

While Lily’s net worth is not publicly known as of 2022, she has shown a promising entrepreneurial spirit, making strides in the tech, fashion, and hospitality industries. Despite her young age, she’s already recognized for her innovative approach and contributions.


  1. Full Name: Lily Aerin Savage
  2. Famous As: Daughter of Fred Savage
  3. Date of Birth: May 3, 2008
  4. Place of Birth: USA
  5. Age (2022): 14 years old
  6. Siblings: Auggie Savage, Oliver Savage
  7. Parents: Fred Savage, Jennifer Lynn Stone
  8. Educational Status: Currently exploring and growing, benefiting from a creative and supportive home environment.


  1. Who are Lily Aerin Savage’s parents?

Lily Aerin Savage’s parents are actor and director Fred Savage and Jennifer Lynn Stone.

  1. How old is Lily Aerin Savage?

As of 2022, Lily Aerin Savage is 14 years old, born on May 3, 2008.

  1. Does Lily Aerin Savage have siblings?

Yes, Lily has two brothers, Auggie and Oliver Savage.

  1. Where was Lily Aerin Savage born?

Lily Aerin Savage was born in the USA.

  1. What is Lily Aerin Savage’s educational background?

Details about Lily’s education are private, but she benefits from a supportive family environment that encourages her interests and growth.

  1. What industries is Lily Aerin Savage involved in?

Lily Aerin Savage is involved in the tech, fashion, and hospitality industries, showing promise as an entrepreneur with innovative contributions.

  1. What is known about Lily Aerin Savage’s net worth?

As of 2022, there’s no public information about Lily Aerin Savage’s net worth. She is still young, and her financial matters remain private.

  1. Where do the Savage family primarily reside?

While the Savage family has ties to Los Angeles due to Fred’s acting career, they maintain a strong connection to Chicago, ensuring their children grow up with a sense of their Chicago roots.

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