Kendall Toole’s Husband:Joseph Nicholas’ Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Family And More

Kendall Toole’s Husband:Joseph Nicholas

Joseph Nicholas, the husband of Kendall Toole, opts for a life away from the spotlight, allowing Kendall to bask in its glow. Despite his preference for privacy, Joseph plays a vital role in Kendall’s life, serving as her pillar of support and cheerleader.

In their relationship, Joseph stands as a steady presence, always there to provide Kendall with the encouragement she needs to navigate both her personal and professional paths. Their bond is built on a foundation of mutual respect and common dreams, showcasing a partnership that thrives on understanding and shared goals.

Who Is Kendall Toole

The United States-born model and Instagram star Kendall Toole is well-known. She has made multiple video appearances and is well known for her engaging talents. With so many followers, Kendall is among the most powerful people on Instagram. Her followers are enthralled with her inventiveness and flare as her feed is frequently embellished with chic ensembles and gorgeous modeling photos.

Her extraordinary beauty, endearing smile, flawless style, and lively attitude are what have made her incredibly famous. In addition to gaining a devoted fan base, Kendall’s compelling photos and videos have drawn interest from numerous brands across the globe. With her ever-growing following on numerous social media sites, Kendall never fails to captivate audiences with her originality and allure.

Kendall Toole’s Wiki & Biography

Full NameKendall Elizabeth Toole
Date of Birth28 January 1993
Height5 feet 9 inches
Father NameRick Toole
Mother NameSuesie Toole
ProfessionFitness Professional, Social Media Influencer
BoyfriendJoseph Nicholas
Weight59 to 61kg
Hair ColorBlond
Hair StyleCurly
Eye ColorBrown

Kendall Toole’s Education

Kendall followed her passions at the University of Southern California, where she delved into the exciting realms of film and business. Beyond hitting the books, she was the ultimate cheerleader for USC, bringing the spirit to every athletic event.

Kendall enthusiastically entered the workforce after graduating and was hired by a tech firm. However, after settling there, she became aware that something wasn’t quite right.

 The company culture didn’t vibe with her, leaving her feeling a bit out of place.

Kendall Toole’s Age 

Kendall Toole turned 30 in 2023, hailing from Houston, Texas. Born on January 28, 1993, she goes by Kendall Elizabeth Toole and falls under the Aquarius zodiac sign. Her parents, Rick Toole and Suesie Toole, provided her with a comfortable upbringing, allowing her to experience a life of luxury.

Kendall Toole’s Height and Weight

Kendall stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, with a weight ranging between 59 to 61 kilograms. She boasts luscious blond curls that cascade around her face and shoulders, complementing her warm brown eyes.

Kendall Toole’s Family

Kendall Toole Elizabeth came into the world on January 28, 1993, born to her loving parents, Suesie and Rick, right in the heart of Houston, Texas, USA. While Texas claims her birth, Kendall grew up soaking in the vibes of Los Angeles, where she believes her formative years laid a solid foundation for adulthood.

Her family’s roots trace back to Italy, a connection she cherishes. Immersed in Italian culture, Kendall even pursued her studies there, and her LinkedIn profile proudly displays her fluency in the language. But beyond just the language, Kendall’s heart speaks volumes about her father, Rick.

Back in July 2020, Kendall expressed her sincere gratitude for her father on Instagram, citing him as a major influence in her life. “I got to honor one of the most important people in my life, my dad,” she said, demonstrating the close relationship the two have. She fondly recalls his words of wisdom, imparting lessons like, “they can knock you down, but they’ll never knock you out.”

For Kendall, her father’s support, guidance, and even the moments filled with laughter hold immense value. She feels eternally grateful for Rick’s unwavering presence in her life, defining him not just as a father but as a source of strength and love that she treasures dearly.


Kendall Toole’s Career

In 2012, Kendall dove into the workforce with her first gig at Kesley Edwards Photography. It was an exciting start as she dipped her toes into the world of photography through an internship. The following year, she found herself amidst the hustle and bustle of GetLifted Film Co, where she soaked up the atmosphere as a development assistant. Then came a brief stint in mid-2015, where Kendall took on the role of a production assistant, adding yet another feather to her cap.

But it was her time at Pony Show Entertainment that truly left its mark.Kendall fully immersed herself in the field of production assistance from August 2014 to July 2015. She entered the world of storytelling shortly after that and worked as a narrative editor for Snap Inc., where she developed her abilities until 2017.

However, it wasn’t until she crossed paths with her mentor—a boxing gym owner on the West Side—that Kendall’s journey took an unexpected turn. With their encouragement, she found herself falling in love with fitness, dedicating countless hours to training until the gym felt like a second home.

At 25, Kendall seized an opportunity with a fitness company in New York, despite the modest paycheck. Her passion for fitness outweighed any financial concerns, propelling her forward into this new chapter of her life.

2019 arrived, a year filled with significant events. Kendall was nervous yet ecstatic to be trying out in front of a 15,000-person audience at Peloton. To her amazement, Cody Rigsby, the famous head coach, saw something special in her and offered her a position. After three months of rigorous training, Kendall proudly joined Peloton Interactive as a cycling instructor, marking a significant milestone in her journey.

Joseph Nicholas’ Career

Joseph Nicholas has really made waves in his career, currently holding down the fort as a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical. But let’s rewind a bit and take a peek at his journey.

Starting off, Joseph spent three solid years as a medical device territory manager at Avanos. That’s where he honed his skills and really got into the nitty-gritty of the medical device industry.

He didn’t stop there, though. After that, Joseph changed tack and assumed the position of an AmbiT sales specialist, demonstrating his adaptability and aptitude in several capacities inside the same organization. Before his stint at Avanos, he spent almost two years at Smith and Nephew, where he made his mark as a medical device sales representative.

Joseph’s resume isn’t just limited to big names like Avanos and Smith and Nephew though. He’s dipped his toes into some other impressive companies too, like Eli Lilly and Company, LifeScan, and Arthrex, showcasing his breadth of experience in the industry.

But Joseph isn’t just about the corporate grind. He’s also made significant contributions outside of the boardroom. For instance, he played a pivotal role at Velocity Sports Performance as a center director and athlete recruiter, showing his passion for sports and performance outside of his professional career.

And speaking of sports, Joseph’s got a background in it himself. He was part of the Tribe Football program at William and Mary University, where he graduated with a degree in the movement of science option back in 2008. So, he’s not just about business; he’s got that competitive edge from his athletic days too.

Net Worth

Kendall Toole’s Net Worth

Kendall Toole, you know, she’s this incredibly popular fitness sensation from the U.S., right? Well, her hard work and dedication have really paid off because she’s sitting on a cool $1 million. You might have seen her leading those awesome Peloton classes – she’s like the queen of virtual cycling, based out of Peloton Studios in Manhattan.

But get this – Kendall’s not just about those intense workouts. She’s also killing it on social media, partnering up with brands and doing all sorts of cool stuff. It’s like she’s everywhere, spreading positivity and inspiring folks to get moving. She’s proof that when you love what you do, success follows you everywhere.

Joseph Nicholas’ Net Worth

when it comes to Joseph Nicholas, it’s a bit of a mystery regarding his net worth. There just isn’t a lot of info floating around about what he owns or earns. But let’s talk about his partner, Kendall Toole – she’s definitely making waves! Kendall’s estimated to be sitting on about $2.5 million, which is pretty impressive. She’s killing it as a Peloton Cycling instructor and also has a knack for acting. So, while we might not know much about Joseph’s finances, Kendall’s definitely making moves in her career.

Early Life 

Kendall Toole’s Early Life 

Kendall Elizabeth Toole bursts onto the scene on a crisp January 28th morning in ’93, smack dab in the heart of Houston, Texas. However, her tale is not abandoned for very long. At the age of ten, she leaves her home with her family by her side to chase her dreams in Los Angeles under the intense California sun. As she’s matured, her older brother has been by her side, sharing memories and getting into mischief.

She has always exuded a contagious excitement for life, bounding off walls and racing through it. She always enjoys the rush of movement, whether she’s playing pickup games or tearing up the playground. But it’s when she steps onto the USC cheer squad that things really start to click.

Can you imagine the rush of adrenaline as she leads the crowd in cheers, the excitement of nailing those high-flying routines? It’s like she’s found her calling. And from then on, Kendall’s journey is all about spreading that passion for fitness and fun. From Houston to LA, she’s on a mission to show the world that getting active isn’t just good for the body, it’s good for the soul.

Joseph Nicholas’ Early Life

Joseph Nicholas, Kendall Toole’s partner, hails from the heart of the USA. Yet, his origins are shrouded in mystery, veiling details like his birth date, birthplace, and even his family background.

Although Joseph’s early years remain elusive, the spotlight of attention gleams brightly on his relationship with Kendall Toole. Together, they paint a vivid picture of shared experiences and mutual adventures, captivating audiences with their journey through life.

While Joseph’s past remains private, his present with Kendall Toole shines brightly, inviting the world to witness their love story unfold.

Kendall Toole’s Personal Life and Relationship

Toole’s personal life has also caught people’s attention. Back in 2020, she started dating Joseph Nicholas, whom she met while traveling in El Salvador. They decided to keep their romance low-key at first, but eventually, Toole couldn’t resist sharing a beautiful photo on social media. Alongside it, she wrote a heartfelt story about how they met, touching the hearts of everyone who read it.

How Did Joseph Nicholas and Kendall Toole Meet?

Kendall Toole and Joseph’s story began amidst the stunning backdrop of El Salvador in September 2020. It was a serendipitous encounter, framed by the beauty of a cascading waterfall, immortalized in a heartfelt photograph shared by Kendall.

In her caption, filled with gratitude and excitement, Kendall couldn’t help but express her delight at meeting someone special during their getaway. Despite her usual inclination towards privacy, she found herself compelled to share the joyous news of their connection with the world.

Their journey together commenced amidst the captivating landscapes of Central America, heralding the dawn of a beautiful new chapter in their lives.

Romance with Joseph Nicholas

In September, Kendall Toole decided to spill the beans about her romance with Joseph Nicholas, and let me tell you, her fans went wild with excitement! Kendall’s like a shining star in the fitness scene and on social media. She’s put in loads of effort and built up a massive following, making some serious dough too. Kendall is still an inspiration to many, even in spite of her ups and downs. She doesn’t give up on her career, and I’m forward to watch what she does next.

Joseph and Kendall’s Wedding Plans

Kendall Toole and her boyfriend Joseph have been inseparable for nearly three years! But guess what? They’re not rushing into marriage just yet.

Why? Well, both of them are absolutely killing it in their careers. Kendall’s chasing her dreams, and Joseph’s doing the same.

So, while wedding bells might not be ringing just yet, let’s cheer them on as they conquer the professional world. Who knows? Maybe we’ll hear those bells sooner than we think!


Kendall Toole, a prominent American fitness instructor and social media personality, has garnered immense popularity in the health and fitness industry. Despite battling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) since childhood, she has inspired millions with her dedication and achievements. Kendall’s supportive partner, Joseph Nicholas, prefers to stay out of the limelight but plays a crucial role in her life, providing unwavering support and encouragement. Together, they form a strong bond based on mutual respect and shared goals.


Personal Background: Kendall Toole was born on January 28, 1993, in Houston, Texas, to Rick and Suesie Toole. She grew up in Los Angeles and holds a degree from the University of Southern California.

Career Journey: Kendall began her career in photography and film production before transitioning to the fitness industry. She gained recognition as a cycling instructor at Peloton Interactive.

Relationship with Joseph Nicholas: Kendall met Joseph during a trip to El Salvador in September 2020. Despite initially keeping their relationship private, Kendall eventually shared their romance on social media.

Joseph Nicholas’ Career: Joseph is a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical with a background in medical device sales. He also has experience in sports performance and holds a degree in movement science.

Net Worth: While Kendall’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, Joseph’s net worth remains undisclosed.


How did Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas meet?

Kendall and Joseph met during a trip to El Salvador in September 2020. Their relationship blossomed amidst the scenic beauty of the country.

Are Kendall Toole and Joseph Nicholas planning to get married?

While Kendall and Joseph have been together for nearly three years, they are focused on their respective careers at the moment. Wedding plans are not imminent, but they continue to support each other’s professional endeavors.

What is Joseph Nicholas’ occupation?

Joseph Nicholas works as a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical. He has a background in medical device sales and sports performance.

What is Kendall Toole’s net worth?

Kendall Toole’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, primarily earned through her career as a Peloton cycling instructor and social media influencer.

How does Joseph Nicholas support Kendall Toole?

Joseph Nicholas serves as Kendall Toole’s pillar of support, providing encouragement and standing by her side as she navigates her personal and professional life. Despite his preference for privacy, Joseph plays a vital role in Kendall’s success and happiness.

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