FC 24: The Best Ways To Pack ToTS Players

FC 24’s latest promo, FIFA Team Of The Season is now in full swing. With the first team being released on the 19th of April and many more released since then, now is a good time for players to figure out how to get a TOTS Player in their squad.

EA Sports has boosted rewards in objectives and has increased the chances of getting TOTS Players in FC 24 packs, making it easier for any player to pack them. Here are the best ways to pack TOTS Players this year. 

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Completing Objectives

There are a bunch of promo specific objectives out this year that not only give EA FC 24 packs, but also give EA FC 24 TOTS Players as group rewards. The easiest objective for players to complete is of course the FC 24 TOTS Daily Play, which gives a 81+ x2, 80+ x2, and 78+ x2 pack just for playing 3 games everyday.

Some other objectives to look out for include the daily login SBC completionist, which gives rewards for completing the daily login SBC again and again. Doing the SBC 5 times will give a 80+ x5 pack, which has a better chance of giving a EA FC TOTS Player. There is also the daily play completionist objective, which gives rewards for just completing the daily play objective mentioned above. Finally, there is the TOTS Plus Milinkovic-Savic Objective currently in game, which of course gives FIFA TOTS Milinkovic-Savic.

Playing Champions

FC 24’s weekend league, known as Champions is famous for giving good rewards for placing in a high rank, and it’s no different when it comes to TOTS. Players will have to qualify for Champions, which they can do by first playing the Champions Play Offs, which in turn requires Qualification FC 24 Points.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards given by Champions (for simplicity we are only mentioning the TOTS rewards):

  • Rank 10 to 9: 1x Max 90 OVR TOTS Players
  • Rank 8 to 7: 2x Max 90 OVR TOTS Players
  • Rank 6 to 5: Champions Main TOTS Pick (1x and 2x respectively)
  • Rank 4 to 2: 2x Champions Main TOTS Pick , 3x TOTS Live Player
  • Rank 1: 3x Champions Main TOTS Pick , 3x TOTS Live Player

This means that even if players only get one win, they can get a guaranteed TOTS Player!

Lastly, TOTS Players are also available in Squad Building Challenges, but they will require players to spend all their fodder, or spend the coins that they have saved up, so we recommend the above two options instead.

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