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Ashley Flowers’ Net Worth

Ashley Flowers is a significant figure in the realm of auditory broadcast and garners an estimated $480,000 annually from audio broadcasting. Transitioning from marketing software to spearheading the immensely popular genuine-crime auditory broadcast, Crime Junkie, their odyssey epitomizes the narrative of unwavering commitment and triumph. Their initial literary work, All Good People Here, similarly attained the distinction of securing a spot on the New York Times bestseller index in August of 2022.

The Expedition of a Genuine-Crime Aficionado to Million-Dollar Podcaster. Presently, the Monetary Valuation of Ashley Flowers is approximately $6 million.

Undoubtedly, the culmination of diligent endeavor has warranted their standing within the industry; today, Ashley Flowers stands as a recognized luminary in the sphere of auditory broadcasting.

Ashley Flowers’ Earnings From Podcasting 

Ashley Flowers has really struck gold with her podcasts, especially Crime Junkie. It’s crazy how many people are hooked on her stories!

You know what’s even more absurd, though? the chances that have presented themselves to her as a result. She’s collaborating with advertising companies, collecting money from Patreon, and her podcasts alone bring in a whopping $480,000 annually. How about achieving the American dream?

And get this – she didn’t stop there. Ashley went ahead and started her own podcast network called AudioChuck LLC. And let me tell you, it’s blowing up! Shows like The Deck and Anatomy of Murder are bringing in serious dough, making her network a real success.

But the cherry on top?signing a $100 million contract with SiriusXM. Yes, you heard correctly! Ashley is now a podcasting powerhouse, not just a podcaster.

So yeah, Ashley Flowers is killing it in the podcasting world, turning her love for true crime into some serious cash. And with her hustle and drive, there’s no stopping her from reaching even greater heights.

Ashley Flowers Earnings From Social Media 

Amidst the digital realm, Ashley Flowers upholds an active presence across various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, alongside others.

Although her profiles boast considerable followership, it’s particularly noteworthy that the social media accounts affiliated with her podcasts, notably Crime Junkie, amass millions of followers and subscribers.

Flowers employs these digital platforms to engage her audience, divulge snippets from her personal life, advocate for her podcasts and productions, and engage in discourse with her admirers.

This interconnection through social media undoubtedly augments her overall brand valuation and potential avenues for revenue through sponsored content and endorsements.

In summation, Ashley Flowers’ multifaceted involvement in podcasting, writing, and social media, complemented by her entrepreneurial acumen, significantly contributes to her commendable net worth and sustained financial prosperity. Presently, Ashley Flowers’ net worth, including Crime Junkie’s, hovers around $5.5 to $6 million.

Who Is Ashley Flowers?

Born on the 19th of December in 1989, Ashley Flowers emerged into the world. A luminary of American podcasting, she transcends mere titles, embodying the roles of hostess, influencer, and luminary across digital domains. Her rise to fame was unavoidable because she was from South Bend, Indiana. She is well-known for having preserved the true crime anthology “Crime Junkie,” and her name will always be remembered in the history of audio storytelling. But her narrative extends beyond a singular venture; she once steered the ship of “Supernaturals,” weaving tales of the arcane and mysterious.

 A visionary at heart, Ashley Flowers planted the seeds of the Audiochuck podcast network, where she now reigns as its Chief Operating Officer, nurturing a garden of diverse auditory experiences. Her domain encompasses not only the macabre realms of true crime but also delves into other thematic territories, painting soundscapes that captivate and compel.

Ashley Flowers’ Biography

Ashley Flowers came into this world on a frosty December day in 1989, right in the heart of South Bend, Indiana. Growing up, she was the big sister in a bustling household with her dad, who was all about running his business, and her mom, Lisa Flowers, who made home feel warm and cozy with her stay-at-home mom vibes. Ashley had her hands full with a little brother and sister, keeping the family dynamic lively.

Ever since she was a kid, Ashley was drawn to the thrill of solving mysteries. She’d play detective and dream of cracking cold cases wide open. She carried that enthusiasm with her to Arizona State University, where she studied biomedical research, delving deeply into the scientific community while never losing sight of those unsolved murder mysteries.

After working as a genetics researcher at the University of Notre Dame and graduating from college, Ashley experimented with software sales. But she had a gut feeling that there was more for her—something that would combine her passion of storytelling with her skill at solving puzzles.Podcasts then made an appearance.

Teaming up with her childhood friend Brit Prawat, Ashley launched “Crime Junkie” on December 17, 2017, and that was just the beginning. With her at the helm, Ashley’s passion for true crime and knack for storytelling blossomed into a whole podcasting empire under Audiochuck. Shows like “International Infamy” and “Supernaturals” kept listeners on the edge of their seats, diving into mysteries and weaving tales that would keep even the most die-hard detectives guessing.

But Ashley’s not just about podcasts and solving crimes. She and her lifelong partner, Erik Hudak, discovered their own real-life happily ever after. After saying “I do” on a spectacular New Year’s Eve in 2017, they moved to Indianapolis and began living the good life.

So, when you hear Ashley Flowers’ name, know that there’s a genuine person with a passionate heart, a mind that’s built for puzzles, and a life full of love and laughter behind those engrossing podcasts and interesting mysteries.

Ashley Flowers’ Wiki

NameAshley Flowers
Net Worth$6,000,000 (as of 2024)
Source of Wealth/IncomePodcasting, Writing, Social Media
BirthdateDecember 19, 1989
Age34 (Current)
BirthplaceSouth Bend, Indiana, U.S.
Height5′ 7″
EducationBachelor of Biology Science from Arizona State University
HusbandErik Hudak (married in 2017)
Notable WorksCrime Junkie
BookAll Good People Here (released August 16, 2022)
Professional CareerPodcaster, Writer, Entrepreneur

Ashley Flowers’ Educational Background

After Ashley Flowers graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in General Biology Sciences, she initially delved into biomedical research. However, her passion for the intricate world of crime pulled her in a different direction. She soon found herself transitioning into software sales, where she discovered her knack for communication and networking.

Ashley Flowers’ Age

Alighted into existence on the nineteenth day of December, 1989, amidst the environs of South Bend, Indiana, within the precincts of the United States, I, at present, stand as a thirty-four-year-old denizen of this terrestrial sphere. Being of American provenance, my sojourn upon this mortal coil has been chiefly characterized by a myriad of endeavors and encounters, profoundly influenced by the socio-cultural tapestry of my native land. 

Nurtured amidst the historic environs of South Bend, I have imbibed the rich tapestry of its bygone epochs and the heterogeneous amalgam of its populace. As I find myself traversing the annals of existence at the age of thirty-four, I am incessantly confronted with the vicissitudes and vistas of life, drawing from the reservoir of my formative years and the myriad encounters that have sculpted the trajectory of my voyage henceforth.

Ashley Flowers’ Height & Weight

Ashley Flowers was born and raised in Miami, is a remarkable five feet ten inches tall. Her body is slim, with breast measurements of 32 inches, midsection measurements of 24 inches, and hip measurements of 34.5 inches.   She comfortably fits into a size 9 footwear. Her remarkable attributes encompass tresses of chestnut hue that harmonize with her hazel eyes, augmenting her appeal and magnetism. Whether as a fashion model or public figure, X radiates assurance and refinement, embodying the pinnacle of loveliness and poise.

Ashley Flowers’ Early Life

Ashley Flowers comes from good ol’ South Bend, Indiana, born on a chilly December day back in ’89. She’s the eldest sibling in a lively household of three, raised by a dad who hustled in business and a mom who made home the heart of everything.

Her early years were reminiscent of a suspenseful detective story, as she lost herself for hours reading Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew mysteries. The focus of TV time was on Columbo’s eccentric investigations and Matlock’s legal twisted tales. Ashley developed a profound passion for cracking secrets and solving puzzles as a result of those stories.

Even though she dreamed of becoming a detective, life had other plans. After high school, she found herself knee-deep in the fascinating world of genetics research at Notre Dame. But the pull of solving mysteries never left her side.

She later took a turn into the tech scene, diving headfirst into software sales at a local Indiana company. But even amidst all the tech jargon and sales pitches, Ashley’s passion for crime-solving never waned.

Her involvement with Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana was a perfect fit. That’s where she found her voice, launching Murder Monday, a captivating radio show. Each week, she’d dive into a new case, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats while championing the cause she believed in.

Through it all, Ashley Flowers is proof that life’s journey can take unexpected turns. She has faced challenges in sales meetings and genetics labs with tenacity and a fascination for mystery. She may not be hunting down criminals in real life, but she is still solving mysteries—one engrossing tale at a time.

Ashley Flowers’ Personal life 

Outside of her job, Ashley balances being a wife and mom. She and Eric Hudak, her partner for ages, exchanged vows in a sweet ceremony on December 31, 2017. Their family joyfully expanded when Ashley gave birth to their daughter, Josie, on January 28, 2022.


Ashley Flowers found herself back in touch with an old high school buddy, Erik Hudak, while she was navigating the world of medical sales. Their brief reunion quickly developed into more, and before they knew it, they were passionately in love. 2017’s wonderful New Year’s Eve saw them exchange vows and become husband and wife.

In their journey together, Erik carved his path as a program manager at Indianapolis Power and Light, drawing from his experiences in both medical sales and the energy sector. Their love story has been unfolding for eight beautiful years, with each moment strengthening their connection.

Ashley Flowers’ Family

Ashley Flowers was born in the quaint Indiana town of South Bend on December 16, 1988. She was raised in a close-knit family setting as one of Lisa Flowers’ three children.

In her journey, Ashley found invaluable support from her siblings. David Flowers, her brother, and Allisa Flowers, her sister, are integral parts of her professional endeavors. Allisa brings her organizational prowess to the table as the dependable office manager at audiochuck, Ashley’s company. Meanwhile, David lends his creative talents as an editor, writer, and producer for Ashley’s captivating podcasts.

Their collaboration not only reflects the strength of family bonds but also showcases the power of shared passion and dedication in creating compelling content.

Ashley Flowers’ Career

As a child, Ashley Flowers was captivated by the mysteries of true crime. She spent hours dreaming of becoming a detective, solving cold cases that had stumped others for years. However, life took her down a different path. After studying biomedical research at Arizona State University, she found herself working in genetics research at Notre Dame University. But her journey didn’t stop there.

For a time, Ashley shifted gears and became a software salesperson for a company based in Indiana. Despite the change, her passion for true crime never waned. It was during this time that she teamed up with her longtime friend, Brit Prawat, to pursue their shared interest in the genre.

Their bond went beyond mere friendship; their families had a history that stretched back generations. Brit, adopted by Prawat’s parents, had entered the world on the same day as Ashley. Both self-proclaimed “crime junkies,” they devoured classics like Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew from an early age.

Ashley realized that true crime podcasts may help raise awareness of NGOs like Crime Stoppers among younger audiences because of her participation with Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana and her love of these shows. Her love of storytelling was further stoked during her tenure as anchor of the RadioNOW 100.9 program Murder Monday.

In 2017, Ashley and Brit launched Crime Junkies, drawing on their shared fascination with true crime. While Ashley initially juggled her podcasting duties with a day job at a hospital, she eventually transitioned to working on the podcast full-time in 2019. The signature bark of Ashley’s dog, Chuck, at the end of each episode inspired the creation of their company, audiochuck.

Crime Junkies has persevered in the face of obstacles, including accusations of plagiarism, and grown its fan base with more shows and live tours. Ashley’s transformation from a budding detective to a trailblazing podcaster is proof that one can follow their passion and have a significant influence on the real crime storytelling industry.

Venture Into Podcasting:

In the year 2017, Ashley’s enduring fascination with unraveling enigmas converged with her burgeoning intrigue in audio storytelling. Collaborating with her longtime companion Britt Prawat, Ashley Flowers embarked upon a novel endeavor – jointly they inaugurated a podcast centering on authentic narratives of criminal intrigue. Thus emerged “Crime Enthusiast.”

True Crime Podcasts

Embarked upon the notion of metamorphosing her juvenile ardor into a vocation of full-time eminence, Flowers inaugurated her very own auditory broadcast, Crime Junkie, in collaboration with her juvenile confidante, Brit Prawat.

During its nascent phase, Crime Junkie garnered commendations from the distinguished periodical, Rolling Stone, distinguishing it as one among the paramount true crime auditory productions of the annum 2018. Subsequently, in the annals of 2022, Rolling Stone enshrined the podcast within the pantheon of the 25 most exceptional true crime auditory productions in recorded history.

Having garnered an audience of 10 million devout listeners per week, with a staggering tally of over 950 million downloads, the podcast has since evolved into the pièce de résistance of the auditory medium.

In addition to her stewardship of Crime Junkie, Flowers presides over and partakes in the production of several other triumphant auditory shows:

  • Something Was Wrong
  • The Deck
  • Full Body Chill
  • Strangeland
  • Red Ball

Furthermore, Flowers collaborates with Parcast in the initiation and facilitation of various podcasts on the Spotify platform, including Global Notoriety and Exceedingly Dignified with Ashley Flowers.


Back in 2019, journalist Cathy Frye made some serious accusations against Flowers and Prawat, claiming they plagiarized her work on a crime story she had covered for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, along with other pieces.

As a result of these claims and the legal action that followed, Flowers took down approximately five episodes. Despite this, Crime Junkie faced heavy criticism for not properly citing sources. As a result, the team behind Crime Junkie has become much more diligent about citing their sources nowaday.

Ashley Flowers’ Social Media Appearance

Flowers is quite the social butterfly, buzzing around all the major platforms with a combined following that could fill a stadium! On TikTok, she’s got a whopping 460K fans eagerly watching her every move. Instagram is no different, with 440K followers scrolling through her posts. Twitter sees her chirping away to a cool 64.5K followers, while Facebook has a cozy 17.5K folks keeping up with her updates.

Despite her impressive numbers, Flowers keeps it real by sharing snippets of her life as a parent, pet lover, and devoted partner. Amongst those personal moments, she sprinkles in posts about podcasts and events that catch her interest.

But the real stars of the show are the podcasts themselves. Take Crime Junkie, for instance, boasting a staggering 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone. It’s like Flowers and her crew are running a social media marathon, with each platform serving as a different mile marker along their exciting journey!

Interesting Facts About Ashley Flowers’ Net Worth:

  1. Current Net Worth: Ashley Flowers’ net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be around $6 million.
  2. Podcasting Earnings: Her flagship podcast, Crime Junkie, alone brings in approximately $480,000 annually. Moreover, her podcast network, Audiochuck LLC, and collaboration with advertising companies and platforms like Patreon contribute significantly to her income.
  3. SiriusXM Contract: Ashley signed a remarkable $100 million contract with SiriusXM, highlighting her significant presence and influence in the podcasting industry.
  4. Social Media Revenue: Ashley leverages her substantial social media following to engage her audience and secure revenue through sponsored content and endorsements.
  5. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Beyond podcasting, Ashley founded Audiochuck LLC, which hosts successful shows like “The Deck” and “Anatomy of Murder,” further enhancing her financial standing.


Ashley Flowers, born on December 19, 1989, in South Bend, Indiana, is a prominent figure in American podcasting. Her journey from biomedical research to software sales ultimately led her to pursue her passion for storytelling and crime-solving through podcasts. Together with her childhood friend Brit Prawat, Ashley launched the immensely popular podcast “Crime Junkie” in 2017, which has since become a cornerstone of the true crime genre. Building upon this success, Ashley founded Audiochuck LLC, expanding her podcasting empire with a diverse range of shows.

Her entrepreneurial acumen and strategic collaborations have significantly contributed to her impressive net worth, which stands at approximately $6 million as of 2024. Ashley’s ability to engage with her audience across various social media platforms further amplifies her brand valuation and revenue opportunities.


  1. What is Ashley Flowers’ net worth?

Ashley Flowers’ net worth is approximately $6 million as of 2024.

  1. How much does Ashley Flowers earn from podcasting?

Ashley earns around $480,000 annually from her flagship podcast, Crime Junkie, and has secured a $100 million contract with SiriusXM, among other revenue streams from her podcast network and collaborations.

  1. What is Audiochuck LLC?

Audiochuck LLC is the podcast network founded by Ashley Flowers, hosting successful shows like “The Deck” and “Anatomy of Murder.”

  1. How does Ashley Flowers leverage social media for revenue?

Ashley utilizes her substantial social media following to engage her audience and secure revenue through sponsored content and endorsements.

  1. What controversies has Ashley Flowers faced?

In 2019, Ashley faced accusations of plagiarism regarding some episodes of Crime Junkie, resulting in the removal of approximately five episodes. However, the team behind the podcast has since become more diligent about citing sources.

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